Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lalbagh flower show (Aug 15)

Usually I visit the flower show during weekdays to avoid the the crowd that gathers up during weekends. However this time, I was busy with other stuff because of which I could not visit during the weekday. However I did not want to miss the flower show, so decided to head off during a weekend. As I expected the crowd was huge and I realized that it was almost impossible to take macro shots of the flowers. So I decided to shoot few candid shots of people around. Here are few shots that I liked during this exercise.

Security personal standing just outside of the glass house
Its always interesting to watch the kids. They hardly seem to be  interested in the flower show, but they are always up to some thing.
Mother taking photograph of kid and kid's father
Photo inside a photo :)
Thru the eye of cam
Poor kido, was hardly interested in getting photographed, but his father kept on asking him to give different poses.
Hawkers in lalbagh
End of the day.. heading home
Kids having fun time in the park
Ek main aur ek tu :)


  1. have got some different perspective to your shots this time,it seems.good one!!


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