Sunday, February 20, 2011

Skies of Bangalore

I wanted to write this post since some time now. After getting glued with photography one thing that I never miss now days is to stand back and just admire the beauty of nature. Sometimes I just glance out of my office to see how the sky looks this evening or often hear chirping of Sunbird and peek outside the window to check it out.

Now when I sit back and try to recall the beauty of nature many frames come to my mind and thats because I have managed to capture few of the moments in my camera. I named this post as "Skies of Bangalore" because I am going to present few shots that I have taken over a period of time (mostly from the terrace of my house) when the sky was really spectacular. When nature is at its best you don't really need to visit any exotic place to get good photographs, your backyard is enough to yield some masterpieces. Here is a collection of shots that I have captured over a period of time. Note: Click on the photograph for a larger view.

04-09-2010, 16:56:42
25-09-2010, 09:11:23
17-10-2010, 17:46:52
24-10-2010, 17:52:53 (taken when returning back from Hebbal lake)
04-12-2010, 18:10:05
04-12-2010, 18:10:48
24-12-2010, 17:54:48
24-12-2010, 18:00:54

24-12-2010, 18:02:50
24-12-2010, 18:04:08
24-12-2010, 18:09:13
01-01-2011, 17:59:48
16-01-2011, 18:13:29
16-01-2011, 18:16:26
05-02-2011, 18:59:23
20-02-2011, 17:25:37
20-02-2011, 17:25:37
20-02-2011, 18:07:58


  1. Thanks for your comments guys!!!

  2. Love all ur pics... of all i totally loved the pic taken on 04-12-2010, 18:10:48 - the colors are just amazing... n the the one on 24-12-2010, 18:04:08 coz of the composition... just beautiful

  3. thanks Greshma. Good to hear that you like few shots.

  4. No doubt bangalore have colorful and photogenic skies and it took me to time to realize this.Geat collection, Amit !

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments. Do come back again.


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