Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter Adventure - Kuari Pass Trek

December 14, 2013

Crushing toes, painful knees, sore shoulders and loud thumping of heart is all that I feel. I wipe the drop of sweat that rolled across my forehead and start walking again. A few steps later I am left gasping for breath. All I can hear is beating of my heart and occasionally a chirp of a bird or sloshing sound of flowing river. I lift my head to look around and the grandeur of the Himalayas fills enough energy into me to carry on walking

This was how I spent most of my days during the recent trek to Kuari pass. I had done a small trek to Manali long time back (when I was in Std 10) with friends and the memories of we 5 friends spending cold nights in a tiny tent and all the fun that we had always lingered in my mind.

So, when I heard of Kuari Pass trek, the urge to do the trek was so strong that within a span of 3-4 days I made all arrangements which includes booking the trek with Trek the Himalayas(TTH), booking train tickets (i was lucky here as getting train tickets of a journey which is just after 6  days is very difficult), purchasing all necessary clothing, footwear, backpack required for a winter trek.

The day finally arrived. I left for Haridwar on 12th Dec and after a 35hrs train journey reached Haridwar station on 14th Dec at 3.30 AM. A cold jet of wind greeted me as soon as I stepped out of train and this gave me an indication of the kind of weather to expect in coming 6 days.

The entire group (of 12) had assembled by 7 AM at Haridwar station, and started what I would describe as a gruelling 9 hour journey by car from Haridwar to Joshimath. The reason why I call it gruelling is because or the bad roads and constant twists and turns over the Ghats. At one point I felt like throwing out but thanks to sweet cheap candies which helped me to control my senses.

On reaching Joshimath it was refreshing to see a nice cosy little guest house where our trek leaders were waiting for us. We divided ourselves in 2 groups and occupied the rooms that were allotted to us. I took a quick hot water shower which helped me to relax and get rid of the tiredness because of the long car journey. I also knew that this will be my last shower till next 4 days. A small introduction session was followed by a brief talk on what to expect in next 5 days. 

Taken somewhere on the way to Joshimath


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