Saturday, July 9, 2011

Macro madness at Hebbal lake

Off late I have kept my telephoto aside and am using my macro lens for good amount of time. I thought I was getting into a rut shooting birds all the times and looking at my  recent shots from trips to Hebbal lake I realized that I was not capturing anything different. It was same old shots of the same birds. So I decided to take a break from shooting birds and move on to shooting macro subjects.

Also, these days the mornings are not really dramatic. Its cloudy most of the days, so no point in shooting birds. However I found such cloudy and wet conditions really helpful in doing some macro photography. The cloudy sky provides nice diffused light and the wet conditions brings out the colors in the green foliage really well. During last couple of visits to Hebbal lake I have been shooting only macros, using my trusty Sigma 150mm Macro lens. I have also started putting my cheap tripod to good use. Now I have realized the benifits of using tripod, especially when doing macro photography. Doing macro work hand holding the camera really tires you out and under certain conditions it becomes virtually impossible to take a sharp shot.

Here are some shots taken during my last couple of visits to Hebbal lake. I have been lucky to get some rain the previous night, so the following morning  provides nice refreshing scenes.

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