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Winter Adventure - Kuari pass trek - Chitrakhana to Tali top (Day 3)

December 16, 2013

<< Joshimath to Chitrakhana (Day 2) Tali camp to Kuari pass and back (Day 4) >>

“Good morning, Bed-tea” is the call which wakes me up from my half sleep. Billu (trek helper) hands me a hot cup of tea right inside the tent. I am up quickly and while still snuggled inside my sleeping bag, I savor the hot tea till 15 minutes, after which I pack up my sleeping bag and get ready to move out.

Couple of guys have already re-ignited the bon-fire so I quickly find a comfortable spot near the fire to keep myself warm.

Dinesh (Our trek leader)
By 8.15 AM all the morning chores including breakfast is over and we are ready to start the hike towards the next campsite. My legs and shoulders are bit sore and I am brooding of handing my backpack to mules. Dinesh (on the the trek leaders) flatly refused and encouraged me to carry on with backpack, and I reluctantly agreed. Today’s hike was majorly across the woods. Instead of large open meadows as yesterday today we walked across vast cover of pine trees. We also spotted patches of snow at various places which was really exciting because most of us had never seen snow before.

The climb was really steep and it was lot colder. If i had to sum up today’s hike all I would say that it was just climb, climb and more climb. We reached Tali lake top by 2.30 PM and it greeted us with an unobstructive view of snow clad mountains. They seem to be much bigger now!

Taking a detour at Tali top to climb a small hill

Trekkers enjoying the view of mountains while resting

Ready to make a move to lower Tali camp

Helping hand

Patches of snow often seen on places under shade
The campsite was few 100 meters below the Tali lake top, which was a patch of land surrounded with pine trees and patches of snow. It felt as if you are living right inside the woods and that made me feel really good.

After a bit of rest we go back to our daily chore of collecting firewood and in no time we had bon-fire ready. A variety of topics like politics, cross culture, science, arts and many more were discussed around the bon-fire. We also heard some interesting stories and experiences from our trek leaders.

<< Joshimath to Chitrakhana (Day 2) Tali camp to Kuari pass and back (Day 4) >>


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