Sunday, May 13, 2012

Morning at Hebbal lake

6th May, 2012

After a long period of hibernation, I decided to spend morning at Hebbal lake. Actually I did not have any plans to visit, but I got a call from one of my friend asking if we can meet at Hebbal for photography, so I happily agreed to meet up. As usual I reached Hebbal lake at around 6.15 AM in morning. Soon I realized that the camera battery was not charged enough. I guessed that it might last for not more then 10-12 shots. I decided to hang on for a while and press the shutter only when I saw the shot that I wanted. There was no room for experimentation or test shots. I said to my self that If I wanted to get some shots which I could keep from today's trip, then I will have to be very selective on when to click a shot.

I started roaming round to find a perfect frame. Soon I saw 2 lone pelicans lazing around on the far side of the lake. I framed this shot and clicked.

Soon they were joined by a pair of Spotbill ducks. So I framed this one. I decided to exclude one pelican, somehow I felt three subjects in the frame will be more effective then four.

While looking through the camera for another shot, I realized that I could frame the pelican between a tree trunk and an electric pole. I felt that this was interesting, and infact I like this one more then all the shots taken today, just because it is different.

Later on I saw a crow sitting on a tree that had lost all its leaves. I thought it would be interesting to frame the black bird (crow in this case) against deep blue sky and also the fact that the branches of the tree created nice patterns which the lone crow seems to break. Thinking of this I took this shot.

I think this was the last shot, after which the camera battery drained out. I was satisfied by this trip, not because of the shots that I got, but because of the fact that I took about 10 shots out of which 4-5 shots were successful. Usually I tend to take many shots and keep very few.


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