Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skies of Bangalore - Part 2

When I wrote a post on Skies of Bangalore earlier I never thought that I had just scratched the tip of iceberg as far as shooting the skies is concerned. Off late with the onset of monsoon almost every evening has something to offer to photograph. I am naming this post as part 2, and here is my previous post which is the part 1.

All the shots below are taken from the terrace of the house where I live. It just amazes me what a great artist He is, who creates such lovely paintings every day. I hope that I get opportunity to shoot more shots to come up with Part 3 of this series.

24/04/2011 06:44

Taken on 23/04/2011 17:50 
25/05/2011 19:13
Taken on 2nd June, 2011 01:47 PM
04/06/2011 18:23
05/06/2011 18:54
05/06/2011 18:54
11/06/2011 19:01
11/06/2011 19:26
12/06/2011 19:23
12/06/2011 19:23 (The colored version of above shot)
12/06/2011 19:25


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