Sunday, June 26, 2011


25th June, 2011

Now a days usually on a Saturday I laze around in my house and Sunday morning is kept aside for photography. Today morning as I was watering my garden I realized that one of the plant which bears yellow flowers was  visited by a small fly like insect every now and then. Looking closely I found that this fly was smeared with yellow pollen from the flowers which it was frequently visiting. In no time I got my sigma 150mm macro lens and mounted my camera on a tripod. This fly was hardly of a size of a rice grain and it required lots of concentration to get correct focus and dof. Because of such a small size of the subject, I choose to focus manually rather then relying on the camera's Auto focus.

I spent almost 2-3 hours shooting it and had shot almost 50-60 shots, most of which I have deleted by now. These are the only few shots that I decided to keep. Once again nature amazes me with its beauty and one more instance which make me believe that one need not go to exotic place for getting good photographs. Your backyard some times gives opportunity to shoot some winners.


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