Friday, January 28, 2011

Lalbagh flower show (Jan 2011)

January 23, 2011

This is my third visit to flower show. Last time in August 2010 I had got some decent macro shots. Usually I tend to plan photography trip on Saturdays and leave Sunday as a rest day. However this time, thanks to tamasha held by Karnataka government which led to a bandh on Saturday, I had no option but to visit Lalbagh on Sunday. Being a Sunday I knew that it will be crowded, so i reached at around 7.30 AM thinking that I'll miss the crowd and get some opportunity to shoot birds early morning. However I was disappointed to see that there were plenty of people in the garden and most of them were waiting for the flower show to open. I spent some time roaming around in the garden and by 9 AM I entered into the flower show. This place was too crowded and at some places there was hardly any space to take photos. With whatever time and space I got I managed to get few shots. Though for me this trip was a major disappointment. All the shots below are taken with my trusty Nikon D40 and Sigma 150mm macro lens.


  1. Lovely images of these flowers. I especially liked the 2nd image...Thomas

  2. Thanks Thomas. Keep visiting. You have got amazing wildlife shots on your blog... its truly an inspiration.

  3. Lovely man, I was shocked hearing ticket cost, but still done a visit :). I put some on, but its very few. Your looks quite cool :).

  4. Thanks Vaibhav. I saw you shots at bangalorecaptured. I love the pigeon shot. Its amazing!!!


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