Monday, January 24, 2011

King of Hebbal lake

January 22, 2011

Till now I have made plenty of visits to Hebbal lake and have managed to capture most of the bird species found there. One that was missing in the list was Kingfisher. While this bird can be spotted easily here as there are few fixed places where it usually can be found perched and looking for fish, but these spots are little far from my lens' reach. At 300mm there is hardly any details that can be captured from such long distance. However during my last visit to Hebbal I had nice sighting of this bird and was able to get few decent shots. In fact this time I was lucky to spot and capture 2 species of Kingfisher on same day. Small blue kingfisher which is little less shy and White breasted Kingfisher which is very shy and its difficult to get close to it. Here are few shots of White breasted kingfisher

And here are few shots that I got of Small Blue kingfisher


  1. o man, you made it. Blue is pending from my side. I can see that you have spotted blue on Iron barrier means somewhere just straight to gate or right side to it :). Not on the left or the main side.

  2. oh yes the first one is just straight from the main gate. And 2nd one is towards the right end from the main gate.


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