Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jodhpur Trip (2012) - Part 2

Its already 2013 and I am still putting together the details of the Jodhpur trip that I made in 2012. Why am I doing this now? Thats, because I am back from another trip from Jodhpur/Mumbai and have few photos to post from the recent trip. But before I do that, I want to document my previous trip. Earlier post has few photos that I took on the way to Jodhpur taken at Bangalore Airport. Here are few photos that I took in Jodhpur

This time around, I decided to visit Jaswant Thada. Its another architectural landmark located in Jodhpur. Its a white marble memorial build in memory of Maharaja Jaswant Singh. I enjoyed taking photos from various locations which presents different views of Mehrangarh Fort. Here are few shots

Here are few shots of the Memorial structure.

After spending some time at Jaswant Thada I walked to Mehrangarh fort, which is not too far. These are the photos that I made there.

And finally, I decided to walk down to Ghanta Ghar. The route to Ghanta Ghar goes via the old city (within the clusters of blue houses). Here are few shots that I took on my way to Ghanta Ghar.

This also marked the end of the evening. Later on after getting down to Ghanta Ghar, I had Mishri Lal's lassi.


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