Thursday, December 9, 2010

Trip to Ragihalli

5th Dec, 2010

My hobby of photography and the recently purchased telephoto lens has inspired me to visit different places for bird photography. This weekend decided to visit Ragihalli. I had gone through few blogs to find out what to expect. Ragihalli is a village somewhere near Bannerghatta and some part of the route to the village goes through the forest area of the Bannerghatta NP.

We (Vinay and me) started at around 6.15 AM and reached at the Ragihalli junction at around 7.30 AM. As soon as we went little further down the road we started spotting birds. The first one was Pied Bushchat. We stopped and approached it slowly but it flew away. Then soon we spotted Red Whiskered Bulbul but that too flew off before we can take its shot. We moved on thinking that we will get lucky later. Soon we spotted Bushchat and this time it did stay still for us to get few shots. Here are the shots

Pied Bushchat (Female)
Pied Bushchat (Male)
 After these first sightings we were not very lucky. After a long drive we spotted a Red Vented Bulbul and Green bee eater and managed to get decent shots.

Red vented Bulbul
Green Bee Eater
Red Whiskered Bulbul

Moving ahead towards Ragihalli we found an open space which presented a lovely view of the forest from top. Till then we did not have very successful birding experience so decided to try hand on few landscapes shots.

Well there are defiantly more birding opportunities that what had got. Another tip to Ragihalli is defiantly on the cards.


  1. Nice captures.

    Before the first entry gate, there is a place which is open, i spotted around 5-6 kind of birds there. Tons of bee eater here.'

    Moving further and crossing to the forest,you will reach to a place of farmers. Where they generally crop flowers. There we have spotted kingfisher(it sit in farm place more) and black drango. Opp. side of that, its a beautiful grass view. I have not taken it properly but:

    Moving further, you will get a village, there you can have tea.

  2. Thanks Vaibhav. I am surely planning to make another visit to this place. Hopefully this time I get to photograph more birds.

  3. Just discovered your blog via flickr. I like your blog. The write ups are very informative and honest. I will be back to get inspired.

  4. Thanks Shiju. Its always feels great to receive comments.

  5. Its really great work done by you. The submitted images are really very beautiful .. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Thanks for appreciating something that I love to do.


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