Sunday, November 21, 2010

Misty morning at Hebbal Lake

20th November, 2010

One more weekend and time for a photo shoot at Hebbal lake. Yes, looks like I over doing this, but every visit gives me different kind of shots and it never seems to be enough. When I got up I looked out in the sky and did not see any signs of clouds. I was happy thinking that it will be a clear morning and I might get good light for shooting birds. I reached the lake at around 6.40 AM and found that the sky was not as clear as I expected. I thought it would clear out in few minutes.

However in no time the weather completely transformed to something that I never expected. Instead of clearing out, heavy mist began to form near the lake. In few minutes the whole lake was covered with mist and the visibility became very poor. There was no scope of bird photography so I started taking picture of mist ridden lake. Here are few shots:

Well the weather did change in couple of hours and then the sky was pretty clear and sun was out. I did get few bird shots, but for me the misty morning was one that made my day. Its amazing how the nature changes itself in matter of few hours.

Once the sun was out I saw a Brahminy Kite hovering around one of the edges of lake. I went there and waited for it for some time. Soon it was back and it make 2-3 rounds in the same area. I got couple of shots while it was busy.

Brahminy Kite
Brahminy Kite

A Purple Moorhen was lazing around. I love this bird when it flies. Its looks very clumsy when it flies and gives an unusual photograph. I waited for right moment and just when it took off I started clicking. Here is the best shot that I got.

Purple Moorhen

Later on I moved inside the garden to capture the sunbirds and flowerpeckers. I did get couple of shots.

Ashy Prinia
Purple Rumped Sunbird
Tickell's Flowerpecker
This pretty much ended my day. This time I had different kind of experience. Sudden change in atmosphere and then back to normal in matter of couple of hours gave good all round shooting opportunities.


  1. We were here on Sat, but didn't have the same vision, so couldn't have such clips :)

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog buddy.

    Yeah!! Saturday was a very different morning. Its amazing how nature offers different setup every time.

  3. Great capture. Nature at its best.


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