Sunday, October 10, 2010

Buggy morning at Hebbal lake

10th Oct, 2010

Hebbal lake was one place which I wanted to visit since long time, but never took time off to go there. This weekend I decided to set off to Hebbal lake with expectations of getting some good shots. While surfing the net I saw many good early morning sunrise shots taken at Hebbal lake and I too was eager to get some good sunrise shots. Once shot that I specifically had in mind was the lake being lit the golden color morning light with a silhouette of pelicans or ducks against the golden colored water.

I left for the lake early enough so that I do not miss the sunrise, though was bit disappointed to see the sky as there were plenty of clouds and I was getting doubtful that there won't be a spectacular sunrise. I reached the lake at 6 AM and as I had expected the cloudy sky did not leave any chance of a beautiful sunrise, infact the sunrise was not at all dramatic. I took couple of shots but none to my liking. Posting one below.

Early morning
The light and sky was dismissal for any kind of landscape shots. I did take few shots but none to my liking. Here are few of them

I did not waste much time taking them and mounted my Sigma 150mm macro lens as there were lots of bugs, spiders and butterflies around. There were few water birds around but I did not have any lens with a longer focal length so there was no point in shooting them.

I spent next couple of hours looking for and shooting various insects around.

As the sun came up I also saw few butterflies around. So captured them too.

Common bush brown
Common Castor
Lemon Pancy
Common Grass Yellow
Not sure about ID of this butterfly
Well this was it. It was almost 9 AM by now and the park was almost empty. All the shutterbugs, early morning walkers had left the park and I also called it a day. I had come to shoot sunrise but went on to shoot bugs. A sunrise shoot still remaining on the list and so does Hebbal lake.


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