Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recent trip to Mumbai

Last week I had been to Mumbai for couple of days. The idea was to meet old friends and relax for couple of days. This time around since I was carrying my camera along I wanted to visit areas like Marinlines, Colaba etc... to capture some candid moments.

We started off at 10 AM from Airoli and took a bus to Vashi station and then a train to CST. Just getting out of the CST station I photographed the station building. We then walked till the Metro cinema, where one of my friend had some work. While he was completing his work I roamed round and took couple of shots here and there.

Metro Theatre


We then got into one of the under bridge near Metro theater. Suddenly I witnessed a rare sight. There was not a single person in the under bridge :) and I had to capture this. Just after I took this shot, crowd came in.

Deserted under bridge

I wanted to spend that entire evening at marine drive gazing at the sea, so we walked and walked and finally saw the sea. The pleasant evening breeze filled us with energy. We spent around 2 1/2 hours chatting, gazing at sea and ofcourse clicking few shots.

Urban sunset

Sitting here gives you the true feeling of being in Mumbai and then you realize why it is called the city of dreams. Seeing the sun setting behind the tall buildings left me mesmerized. After the sun was down, we headed back to CST station to face the real Mumbai in local trains. By this time sun was down and the sky had taken a lovely dark blue color. The brightly lit buildings looked beautiful against the sky.

We reached home at 11 PM and were totally tired, but as usual its worth getting tired if your entire day was as eventful as this.


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